Saint Patron Holiday

We inform you that C.S.C. S.p.A. will be closed on 29 June for Schio’s Patron Saint. SpecialSteelStock wll be operating.
C.S.C. will be present at “PRC Europe” 22-23 May in Hamburg, Germany. It is a new outstanding downstream oil and gas event, that is among the key petroleum conferences in the world. The Congress, is for good reason, dedicated to European Refining and Petrochemical sector: there exists the vision that the European petrochemical and refining
Great enthusiasm and pleasure to announce that C.S.C. S.p.A. has obtained the OHSAS 18001: 2007, which identifies an high international standard for a safety management system and health of workers. Click here: iso18000  
iso 14001
Mr /Mrs With great pleasure we can announce that we have reached the goal of the ISO 14000 environmental certification. A strong thanks to everyone for their helpfulness and cooperation in order to achieve this goal, it is a major step that wants to be an example to all of us and to the cooperating companies whether they

Company’s summer break

Due to Summer Holidays our company will be closed from monday 15th of August until friday 26th. We will resume on monday 29th

Laser scanner system

We are pleased to inform you that from February is on the new anthropomorphic arm with 7 joints and laser probe of Nikon Metrology Company. Operating diameter of 2.5 meters. Infinite rotation of axis joints, thermal probes within to allow work in environments with temperature changes maintaining accuracy. Laser probe nikon mmdx 100 .  

Press review

From the Italian magazine “La Voce dei Berici” of July 5 2015.

Gr.2 Titanium basket

Cestello in titanio Gr.2, con finitura superficiale micropallinata,
One of our last realization is a titanium Gr.2 basket with micro shot peening surface treatment, for the pharmaceutical industry. Welding in accordance with EN current regulations. Titanium demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance, not only to various food products and pharmaceutical chemicals, it also considerably increases the plant lifetime. Diameter: 1600 mm Length: 1500 mm Weight:

Titanium Gr.2 Dryer

Essicatore in titanio Gr.2
The Dryers were developed to process a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and fine chemicals. The titanium Gr.2 Dryer manufactured by us, has proven to be especially suited for the drying of product with fragile crystal structure thus sensitive to shear forces and heat sensitive products. Design and manufacture of the vessel are

Titanium Gr.2 crystallizer

Titanium Gr.2 crystallizer
Another realization in titanium Gr.2 (ASTM B265 Gr.12) a crystallizer for an important refinery. Crystallizers are machines used in industry that allow separation of water part of waste water and condensate recovery (cristals): crystallizers can eliminate liquid wastes to create zero liquid discharge (ZLD). They are an essential components of chemical processing equipment because are